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Safety Measures Program

Lawsuits and safety hazards in the landscape are a major concern in today's "litigation happy" culture. The goal of Vista Del Verde Landscape, Inc. is to provide a solid, dependable, and honest professional service with a personal touch.

To ensure that you avoid litigation, we provide safety inspections in your landscape to prevent hazards and potential lawsuits from occurring. Reducing your exposure to lawsuits and accidents in landscape areas is a responsibility we take seriously.

We also train all our employees for safety and identifying safety concerns:

  • Attendance at a myriad of industry and association certification training classes
  • Membership and active involvement in STARS (Safety Training Achieves Remarkable Success)
  • Following the safety guidelines set forth by the California Landscape Contractors Association.
  • Establishing an active safety committee within Vista Del Verde Landscape, Inc.
  • Conducting weekly in-house safety-awareness training
  • Meeting OSHA posting requirements